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Band Saw

Metal Working Services

Press Break

This machine tool is used for bending sheet metal, we have a selection of dies for many different forming jobs ensuring you get the shape that's right for your application. We can bend up to 2.5 Metres with a thickness up to 6mm. We use an LVD computer controlled machine for precision bends.

Hydraulic Guillotine

This tool is used for shearing metal to the correct size. We can cut up to 3 metres length and the following thickness sheets:

Material Maximum Thickness
Mild Steel 12 mm
Stainless Steel 8 mm
Aluminium 12 mm
Hydraulic Guillotine


We use a pillar drill for accurate drilling. We can drill metal up to 3" diameter hole.

MIG Welding

If you need some welding, look no further, our highly skilled and time served welder will be happy to weld jobs for you.